Monday, January 05, 2015

Resolute to continue/begin doing or being these things in 2015

Last year, I emailed two friends my plan. I think they probably, righteously, thought, "yeah, yeah, yeah, more new year's resolutions." But I wrote them the email, not for support, but it can help in the follow-thru if you tell at least one other person.

1) Continue with push-ups. But the pace will be the same throughout the year, 75 crappy ones and 50 good ones a day. Divided into three sets.

2) Read a chapter of 'The Tao of Leadership' a day. The author suggests reading it out loud, so I am. 'The Art of Healing Listening' may follow. I read that book twice last year and I intend to read it at least once a year for as long as I believe in Humanistic Psychology.

3) Reading will continue. A goal of 15-25 books a year is the goal.

4) Continue to keep sugar soda out of my diet. It may be modified to some kind of 'good' soda in the summer. But no pepsi, etc.

5) Stopped eating poultry. No more eating birds.

6) Singing my songs is increased from 10 a day to 15 but repeats are allowed.  I think I have just made this a habit. When I can, I sing.

7) Meditation/5 minutes at least. not 5 seconds. But the rule is only that I have to keep my eyes closed and not be pursuing or listening to anything. 6 out of 7 days is the goal. Mostly because I forgot one day already.

8) I also added walking. I have started a routine but I imagine it will be modified when I find a gym or exercise bike or something that can replace walking. But maybe walking is the base and other things are added.

9) DemocracyNow Headlines everyday they are broadcast. These do not have to be on the exact day but no longer than a week old.

I might need to add more, but if I continue to have more of a life, it may serve to limit me instead of the primary goal of having accomplishments when things are going badly.

Last year, I realized I was teaching myself to implement more discipline in my choices of how to spend my day. I have done that. And the goals last year, as well as this year, intend to touch on mind, body, and spirit.



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